Welcome To The Mystic Merchant

Healing crystals, unique gifts and more!

Gems & Crystals

Featuring an array of crystals, tumbled raw, jewelry and specimen.


Offering bohemian wears and vintage items for comfort and style.

Tarot Supplies & More

Tarot readings available! Watch for events or contact to set one up.

About Us

Welcome to The Mystic Merchant, a quaint place focused on holistic well-being and natural healing. Founded by a resilient mother of two, our journey began in 2020 when our founder embraced a holistic approach to overcoming cancer. Crystals, known for their healing properties, became an integral part of this wellness journey.

At The Mystic Merchant, we are passionate about fostering positivity and holistic health within the community. Our mission is to curate and host enriching events focused on well-being, providing a platform for individuals to explore and embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We are dedicated to creating a supportive environment where the power of natural healing can be experienced and shared by all.  
We also offer a variety of products that help boost overall positivity ✨️ 
Join us in our pursuit of well-being, as we explore the mystic realms of holistic health and wellness.

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